Q. Company name & locations?
A. Epic Entertainment, 5489 Atlantic View, St. Augustine, FL 32080

Q. Best number to call?
A. 864-419-6609

Q. What is the website?
A. www.epicentertainmentdj.com

Q. What is the owner's e-mail address?
A. DJArthurF@gmail.com

Q. How many years of professional experience do you have?
A. Over 17 years… including experience as a wedding & private event DJ. All DJs have music background.

Q. Do you have enough DJs to handle events?
A. YES! Epic Entertainment is made up of several professional DJs. Every event will be covered by us and we do NOT subcontract the work out to other companies. We try to keep one DJ 'open' every weekend.

Q. Do your DJs have training and experience?
A. Every one of our DJs undergoes rigorous company training. Before becoming associated with Epic, the DJ must have at least a B.A. degree from an accredited University; must have at least 3 years of hands on experience as a DJ; must have worked in music related fields for at least 5 years. Our DJs engage in regular continuing education and seminars to keep their skills in top form and stay current.

Q. What type of music do you specialize in?
A. We carry over 35,000 songs to every event - all genres of music - we have excellent knowledge of all types of music ranging from Classical to Big Band to Beatles to Disco to 80's to Top 40 to Hip Hop to Beach to Country music to Latino and Salsa, Rap, and well beyond!

Q. What percentage of your business is wedding receptions?
A. 70% Weddings, 20% Schools, 10% Corporate

Q. What type of sound system do Epic DJs have?
A. We use only professional grade equipment. Every DJ uses a Numark Controller for mixing. Every DJ comes equipped with at least 2 QSC 1000 watt speakers, stands, lights, and microphones. We use Serato mixing software. This is considered the Rolls Royce of sound systems and is the envy of all our competition.

Q.Do you have a cordless microphone?
A. Yes.

Q. Can you provide dance lighting?
A. Yes!!! At no cost to you!!! This is a great feature for weddings with younger active guests… we turn any facility into an exciting venue with many colors!

Q. Can you act as master of ceremonies?
A. Yes! All our DJs are very comfortable in front of large crowds of any type and will make all the necessary introductions. Based on the information you provide before your wedding, we provide emcee service in the style you select. Because of our vast experience, we are very comfortable whether you want a very formal, casual or high energy affair.

Q. What will my DJ be wearing? Will he smoke or drink?
A. Clothing depends upon the type of event. We wear everything from formal wear (tuxedo or cocktail dress) to beach wear to amazing costumes for Halloween parties. The choice of dress is up to you. Your DJ will not smoke or drink during the event. Nor will your DJ use a cell phone. 100% of the DJ's attention will be focused on making your event a fantastic time to remember.

Q. How many breaks do you take?
A. None.

Q. What are the fees for a 4 hour reception?
A. A good average is $800 for a 4 hour reception with $100 extra for complete ceremony add-on.

Q. What is your cost for each additional hour?
A. $150

Q. Do you put your terms in writing?
A. Absolutely. We have a simple 2 page contract setting forth all our terms.

Q. Do you require a deposit & how is the balance paid?
A. We require a $250 deposit and the balance is due 21 days before your event.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?
A. Deposit is non – refundable after 3 days. Cancellation less than 60 days - 50% of the balance due. Cancellation less than 30 days - balance in full is due.

If there are any questions you have that we have not answered here, please call DJ Dr.Arthur at 864-419-6609 or or email DJArthurF@gmail.com.