Meet the DJs

Epic Entertainment, LLC uses a team of member DJs absolutely committed to providing you the best event. Our DJ's are music professionals. All our DJ's hold at least B.A. degrees . They undergo rigorous training and continuing education. We look for young, vibrant DJs in excellent physical condition able to keep your party rocking all night. See our photo gallery for pictures of our DJs at work. We are not the cheapest, we are not the most expensive, we are simply: THE BEST. We guarantee you will be thrilled!

DJ Arthur

Dr. Arthur loves music, crowds and dancing. "My goal is to Emcee the perfect evening and get everyone on the dance floor and keep them there." Arthur began DJ'ing in 7th Grade and is one of the most sought after DJ's in the Southeast. He holds a Ph.D. from Clemson. Arthur brought his enthusiasm and high energy to conducting the Carolina Pops Orchestra��� and is famous nationwide for his music arrangements and crowd pleasing fun. DJ Arthur is ready to help you create memorable musical moments for your wedding, prom or private party. Arthur has a vast knowledge of music of all types and loves to rap and dance. He gets every crowd up of every type on their feet. He caters to bridal parties and makes everyone feel special.

DJ Skid

Eric is a wild and crazy drummer. A Furman graduate in music performance, Skid is an amazing percussionist, singer and DJ. Skid brings that talent to his work as a DJ. He is the consummate DJ, mixing music seamlessly and always giving you and your guests the perfect blend of music. He knows how to make guests at a wedding, prom or corporate party have the best time. He is the life of the party.

DJ Malik

Epic Entertainment DJ Malik is a fantastic DJ who loves all music and is a champion Salsa dancer. Malik teaches Salsa dancing at Clemson and will get out there and dance with your guests and make sure everyone is up having a great time. Malik is smooth. His style is "The Man." Malik will make every wedding or party a great occasion. Brides love his 'gentle touch' to every occasion.

Event Director Kate

Kate is our wedding director. She backs up any DJ and provides admin services on-site to the bridal party. Kate knows how to keep things rolling at all times. Need a knife for the cake? Kate will get it before you know you need it. Need a drink? It will be there. Candid photos? Yup, that too. She can't be everywhere at once, but she sure tries. Kate��s services cost $250 extra, but are worth every penny.

Epic's DJs are highly experienced, professional and vibrant. Epic guarantees an exceptional DJ experience at a very affordable price. We are a resource for you as you plan your event and are the ONLY DJ service in the area to offer direct, interactive website ability to work with your DJ, listen to and select music, and develop your event itinerary. We give you direct access and control over your event plans using the Online Event Planning system. It will help keep you organized and provided timely reminders. We meet with you and provide useful tips to make your event run smoothly. Put the experience of all our DJ Team to work for you. Call DJ Arthur at Epic Entertainment today at 864-419-6609 or email or to book your event and choose your DJ.