Music and Gear

Our all Digital Music Library contains over 40,000 songs from every era and genre of music. Top 40, Country, Classic Rock, Disco, R & B, Latino, Hip Hop, Motown, Big Band and more...

Our sound systems are state of the art, TOP OF THE LINE!
Every DJ comes fully equipped with a Numark mixer to allow several channels of music and seamless segue into the next song. Every DJ has QSC speakers with 1000 watts of power. Don't be fooled by 'big' speakers with no power or sound quality. Ours will rock your house down. The QSC K series is the Rolls Royce of speaker systems. We use Aperion subwoofers—rated the very highest in sound quality and output. Our systems fill any size room without piercing the eardrums of your guests. Every DJ will have 2 microphones for your clergy and for cake cutting or other toasts

Every DJ will bring at least 3 lights to add to the dance floor energy. There is no charge for this.

Want a party with a full out night club feel? We can take any room and create a club vibe.

Need a small PA System for your wedding ceremony? Your guests will be able to hear and share your wedding vows. We provide a small system including a microphone for your celebrant. We can provide a wireless microphone if requested. We can even provide music for your ceremony or your live musician can plug into our system.